I believe Burnaby needs representation which reflects its professional workforce, and diverse ethnicity.  By bringing to Council my experience as a CPA working with leading companies, as a mother of 3, and volunteer work within the community, I hope to ensure that Burnaby remains a great place to work and raise a family.

Brea Huang Sami

Brea is a mother of three, a wife, a daughter, a CPA, CA, and a community volunteer.

Brea moved to Canada from China in 2005 and settled in Burnaby, where she along with her husband Vikash, an immigrant from Fiji, raised their family of 3 children.

Brea has worked as a financial auditor for over 10 years, including several years in management role at the big-4 firm KPMG and recently at DMCL, serving a variety of public and private companies, and not-for-profit and public sector organizations.

Brea holds a Master’s degree in comparative literature from Beijing Normal University. She received her diploma in accounting at the University of British Columbia prior to pursuing her Chartered Accountant (now CPA, CA) designation. 

Brea takes pride in serving her community and is passionate about building a fair, diverse, inclusive and sustainable community that embraces and empowers everyone to achieve their best potential.


  • One Burnaby is committed to building a city that is affordable for families

  • One Burnaby is committed to making our city safe and welcoming to everyone

  • One Burnaby is committed to investing in our communities, through transit, infrastructure & community services


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