In less than 110 days, the people of Burnaby will be going to the polls to vote for

their Mayor, eight Councillors, and seven School Board trustees.

ONE Burnaby is a new civic electors’ association with a progressive
vision for our city, and we will work hard to earn your vote in October.

ONE Burnaby is dedicated to bringing a diversity of voices, life experiences, and insights to our Council chambers. We’ll be nominating six candidates from across the city, some of whom the people of Burnaby will know, and some who are entirely new to politics and bring new voices and new perspectives. 

ONE Burnaby is committed to leading the way by building a stronger and more inclusive Burnaby that brings families together and builds neighbourhoods that become unique villages. We will support growth where families can put down roots and invest in their communities, away from our thriving town centres.


Address: 4720 Kingway, Burnaby, BC V5H4N2